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Kaua'i is the oldest and northernmost island in the Hawaiian chain. It features emerald valleys, sharp mountain spires, jagged cliffs, forking rivers, cascading waterfalls and rich rainforest.

The northern part of the island is rainy and the south is drier.

Lihue is the major commercial center of Kaua'i. Along its eastern shoreline are a series of beaches such as Kalapaki Beach.

The Kaua'i Museum in Lihue traces the history of the island and emphasizes the heritage and artistic achievements of the indigenous and immigrant peoples.

Spouting Horn is a blow hole located in the Koloa district on the southern coast of Kauai. These waterspouts occur when waves are forced under a lava shelf and up through a narrow opening.

A major attraction is Waimea Canyon, a 16 km long and 900 meter deep canyon known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

At the end of the Waimea Canyon Road is a lookout onto Kalalau Valley on the Na Pali coast.

The lithified dunes at Maha'ulepa offer remarkable hiking and viewpoints.


Salt Pond Beach has reef-protected shallow water for safe swimming and snorkeling.


A Hindu monastery-temple complex on lush tropical grounds, Saiva Siddhanta, is home to two dozen monks. Visitors are welcome during specified times.

The Lawa'i International Center was originally a Hawaiian heiau, then Taoist, Buddhist and Shinto shrines and now a place of multicultural spirituality. At the site there is also a trail to 88 Buddhist shrines built in the early 1900's by Japanese immigrants. Only open 2 Sundays per month, it is a fascinating place to visit if possible.


The small western town of Waimea is where Captain Cook first landed on the Hawaiian islands in 1778.

The Prince Kuhio Park in Poipu is a tribute to Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole who would have reigned as king had Hawaii not been annexed to the U.S.


The Spark M. Matsunaga statue in the International Children's Garden for Peace in Hanapepe is a tribute to a popular and visionary senator. 

Sublime resorts lie along the southern coast.

Historic Koloa town was one of Hawaii's first sugar cane settlements. 


The Poipu coast has many small coves and coral reefs with abundant tropical fish and sea turtles.

Monk seals bask in the sun at Poipu Beach.

The Kauai coffee plantation provides tours showing the process of coffee growing, harvesting and roasting.

Local cuisine includes poke, lomi-lomi salmon, laulau, kailua pig and mac salad.

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