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Quirky Hawaii


As we travelled throughout the islands we found a delightful creativity, resilience, and sense of humour.

Artists create installations from locally sourced wrecks.

  Breweries create beers with locally sourced names.

 Walls are constructed from locally available materials.

Builders use unique incentives to assist with renovations.

Local folks entertain themselves in the rain with palm-frond weaving and chess.

Tourists bring their own sense of style to the islands.

There are many things in Hawai'i that will kill you.

They're not kidding!




There are numerous warning signs of dangers and kapu.


Tourists frequently ignore the warning signs.


So do the locals!

A homeless guy has feral chickens as pets.

      A homeless guy dries his laundry.

Duke Kahanamoku is celebrated for reviving the ancient Hawai'ian sport of surfing.

Surf culture is alive and well!

Coffee plantations also offer informative signage.

             Walking over lava tore the soles right off of our shoes.

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